If you are a fitness freak or you scan the health section in the newspapers with keen interest, there is a good chance that you might have come across some article on the omega - 3 fatty acids. A lot of research has been done to find out the many health benefits of these. Read on to know more about these benefits and how you can improve your health and fitness by including them in your diet.

Omega -3 fatty acids are essential to maintain good health. These not only help the body to carry out the normal health functions, but also help in the absorption of other vital nutrients. In various researches, it has been seen that the omega-3 fatty acids also promote cardiovascular health and aid in various conditions concerning the eyes, painful joints, nerve cells,  lungs and bone health. Due to many such benefits, people are increasingly including them in their diets as these cannot be produced by the body. So, the body relies on the external sources to provide omega-3 fatty acids, which mainly include fish. A simple way to ensure that you do not miss out on your required intake of these fatty acids is by taking these as fish oil supplements. These are sold as Usana Biomega gel capsules containing pure fish oil. People who don’t eat fish can also take the capsule supplements and enjoy the health benefits.

There are various options available in the market. To reap the best health benefits out of it, you need to select the supplement product that guarantees highest quality and meets the standards of purity. The main point to consider here is that the supplement should contain the fish oil, which has been made from deep sea, cold water fish. This eliminates the chances of contamination through polluted waters and offers safety of your health.

In addition to this, the manufacturing process holds significant importance to provide the essential purity of the product. Many manufacturers employ triple distillation process to produce fish oil supplement that is ultra- pure. Moreover, the effectiveness of the supplement can be enhanced by adding balanced quantities of other essential nutrients that are often found lacking or deficient in the daily diets. Most often, doses of vitamin E and D are added to them.

If you are also concerned with the fishy after taste of these supplements, worry not. The manufacturers take care of this by formulating such capsules with a flavoring to overcome your dislike for the taste. Additionally, these are also odorless and easy to swallow.

So, whether you eat fish or not, you can take the essential omega-3 fatty acids, conveniently, in the form of these supplements to optimize your health and stay fit.