Side Effects of Supplements

Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from common health problems like anxiety, headache, fatigue, stomach upset and a lot of more because the essential nutrients are missing from the food. As, many people skip their breakfast because of their busy schedules. This leads to the deficiency of essential nutrients in the body. So, to complete these nutrients, people start taking supplements.

There are numerous of supplements available like Bodybuilding, weight-loss and many more  to complete the deficiency of the essential nutrients. Supplements are made from the various ingredients like Usana Biomega is made from fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids. But, always the supplements hide the exact ingredients and their amount from you. Sometimes, supplements contains the active ingredient that can have an adverse effect on your body. Few examples are:-

  • Excessive of Vitamin A can cause headache and damage liver.
  • Vitamin K can reduce the ability of Blood thinner Coumadin
  • Excessive of iron can cause the nausea and vomiting and can damage body organs.
  • Excessive of Creatine may create kidney problem, Diahrrea, fever and Fatigue
  • Any supplement should not given to the children, nursing mothers or pregnant women as it is not safe for them.

There is no doubt that supplements provide essential nutrients like Calcium, vitamin, iron and a lot of more to your body. So, before taking any supplement firstly consult to any good doctor, pharmacists, and dietitians. They will advise you the best and valuable supplement  for your health.